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  • ION Ziggy - polarized
  • ION Ziggy - polarized
  • ION Ziggy - polarized
ION Ziggy - polarized
ION Ziggy - polarized
Material: Polycarbonat Grilamid TR 90 - Color: at option - Size: unisex
Numero articolo: 48110-8154
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The newest development for functional water sunglasses equipped with polarized lenses. The polarization filter absorbs all the light which is reflected from specular horizontal surfaces. Disturbing unpleasant reflections and glare are minimized and even eliminated completely.



Suitable for medium to big head sizes.



If it’s action sports you are going for, then these glasses are an absolute must.
If it’s functionality you’re looking for, ION Visions analyzed and considered the needs of all water athletes and designed the ultimate eyewear for all kinds of water sports. Combined with durability, high tensile strength, optimal ergonomic fit and skid proof rubber tips for a secure hold and absorbability; ION Visions eyewear is perfect for those rough water conditions. High protection is top priority for ION, consequently ION Visions ensures that the hydrophobic and polarized lenses provide excellent eye protection. The frame is made of grilamid TR 90 proofed for maximum impact resistance and lightweight.



  • Grilamid TR 90: lightweight highly flexible, tough, shatter-proof
  • Polarizing filter for exclusion of reflections and glare
  • PC lens: super-hydrophobic coating front + backside: high scratch+break resistance, solid lens thickness (1,8 – 2,0 mm)
  • Protection index 3: multi structure optimal for the active usage at the beach and sea
  • 8 Base Lens Curvature: high quality descentred lens (eliminating distortion), low light waves invasion
  • Safety Leash: to connect your sunglasses to your wetsuit or rashguard
  • Floater Tube: ensures floating of your glasses if you loose them after a crash
  • Sunglass Bag: for protection and cleaning
  • Elastic Headband: for tight fit
  • CE approved: conform high technical and quality standards ce, ansi, as
  • Polarized lenses



  • solid white = grey with silver mirror effect


AVAILABLE COLORS (= frame colors)

  • solid white = solid white dull



Base 8 structures are best for functional sports frames. Wrap around shape for a maximum of protection for your eyes.















Category 3 strong sunlight – allows a luminous transmittance of 8%–18%. The highest shading allowed for conventional use – optimal for the active usage at the beach and sea. Let in only the “right” light.


Grilamid TR 90 is an exceedingly light and durable plastic that will maintain its shape under all temperature changes which makes it fit perfectly for action sports. Your eyewear benefits from the following attributes: resilient, tough, highly flexible, shatter-resistant, clime consistent, ecological compliant, no softeners, anti allergic and comparatively lightweight. The frame of the polarized models are made of TR 90 biobased which is based on renewable materials.















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