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  • ION Windsurf Sitz Trapez Octane - Warehouse Special
  • ION Windsurf Sitz Trapez Octane - Warehouse Special
  • ION Windsurf Sitz Trapez Octane - Warehouse Special
ION Windsurf Sitz Trapez Octane - Warehouse Special
ION Windsurf Sitz Trapez Octane - Warehouse Special
Material: PU & S_Type Neoprene & Sheirex_Lite Foam - Color: black - Size: XL/54
Numero articolo: 48502-4739
Size Selection: 
[incl. 19% IVA più Costi di spedizione]

Premium top level seat harness for maximum performance and comfort at once. The Octane has the X-Spine2.0 and cross link webbing construction. The 3D zone shape in combination with the high back outline of this harness guarantees a maximum support for the body with a maximum on flexibility and wearing comfort. A perfect and comfortable fit due to the new inside X-Spine and Neoprene cushion construction.



  • XL - 54



ATTENTION NOTE:  please choose the fitting size. For that purpose take attention to the size charts  -size charts men-  and measure! 



  • Color: black
  • Dual Density Foam
  • Quick Fit
  • Push Button Spreader Bar 
  • Belt Garage
  • Protection Pad 
  • Bungee Belt 
  • Bungee Butt


    Item is brand new and unused, only a goods returns.
    Only unpacked for view and of course with full warranty.
    Available now with great discount.





  • XL - 54


When choosing the correct size always take the size where your mobility is not limited. The ability to move is important when windsurfing. 
Therefore take the larger size with more width instead of the smaller one which tends to be too tight. 
So always choose the size which is convenient and comfortable. In doubt please measure!

- For the correct fit a convenient and comfortable feeling is always in the foreground
- When in doubt, always choose a size larger, important are the start datas of the ION size chart table
- ION is body contoured and therewith cut close in comparison
- If you are in the rear third of the data with your body data according to size table, always choose the next larger size

An example for the correct size selection
Your datas are: Height 180cm, Weight 78kg, Chest 99cm
According to the ION size table you would fit in size 50 and size 52. At size 50 you are already in the rear area, so already at the size border. We would advise you to the size 52. The size 50 would be definitely too tight, especially ION is body contoured. The size 52 will fit you in any case and has a comfortable feel. Your size is 52 / L.

Do you still have any doubt about the size choice you or are you unsure, just contact us >Contact<.  We'll be happy to help!

Function and Wearing Characteristics



  • middle to high spreader bar


  • low spreader bar


  • maximum priority on freedom of body movement
  • high flexibility and general softness 
  • for use in mostly maneuver / freestyle conditions
  • maximum comfort and ease


  • well-balanced mix of flex and support
  • combines comfort with maneuverability
  • fits most riding styles
  • for all conditions


  • high back support
  • torso muscles need to work less
  • strong harness structure for load distribution
  • for relaxed use in powered up conditions


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