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  • Fanatic SUP Fly PURE Wide Body 10.6 WB
  • Fanatic SUP Fly PURE Wide Body 10.6 WB
  • Fanatic SUP Fly PURE Wide Body 10.6 WB
  • Fanatic SUP Fly PURE Wide Body 10.6 WB
  • Fanatic SUP Fly PURE Wide Body 10.6 WB
  • Fanatic SUP Fly PURE Wide Body 10.6 WB
Fanatic SUP Fly PURE Wide Body 10.6 WB
Fanatic SUP Fly PURE Wide Body 10.6 WB
Material: PURE TECHNOLOGY - Color: blue - Size: 10'6 / 320cm - Price: per piece
Product Number:  13500-1110
Price: 1.098,90 €
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The quintessential range for kicking off a SUP passion, the Fly all-round shape comes in a broad range of sizes, accommodating every individual’s needs and expanding your watersports horizon. A flying start to paddle in style.

Fly 10’6” WB
If you are a heavier rider or your local spot regularly presents you with variable conditions, then the 10’6” will provide you with the extra support and stability you need. For 2015 we have added the new HRS WB 10’6” with 5l more volume and an extra 1 inch in width to give you even more stability and float. The combination of softer rails towards the front and sharper edges on the tail, enhances grip and carve through turns, all the while maintaining that highly sought after glide. A more pronounced curve in the tail, teamed perfectly with a flatter nose rocker, offers direct turning and smooth paddling. Well balanced and wide volume distribution, combined with the flat deck gives a great deal of stabilised buoyancy. Available in HRS and PURE construction, it  is a great all-rounder that can be shared amongst family and friends of all levels. It comes without mastfoot insert.



  • New 10’6” HRS WB shape with added volume and width for extra buoyancy and stability
  • CAD sculpted balance flow curves
  • True surfing rocker line with a flat into full V bottom for engaging carving sensations off the tail
  • Low nose entry for effortless wave catching and glide
  • Flat deck with volume width on rails for stability
  • Soft rails and sharp tail edges for smooth power riding and drive through the turns
  • Without Mastfoot insert for Windsurfing option 



Do you need a suitable SUP-Paddle?
Of what avail is it to have the best SUP board, when the whole energy gets lost due to a cheap and soft paddle?
Without any doubt the paddle is extremely important. Only it alone transfers the entire force into acceleration.
We advise you to use definetly only a high quality paddle.
A huge selection of top SUP paddles is waiting for you in our shop category > SUP Paddle < .





  • Fanatic Fly GFK Fin - us-box
  • Board Setup




  • FLY PURE 10'6 WB



The Pure Technology is an exceptionally durable and featherweight construction for frequent use. Glass reinforcements ensure an optimum stiffness, while a thick, durable outer skin gives the board's hull great strength, with extra ding and impact resistance.



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