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  • North Sails Mast Base Set iBase 2.0 +  iJoint (long pin)
  • North Sails Mast Base Set iBase 2.0 +  iJoint (long pin)
  • North Sails Mast Base Set iBase 2.0 +  iJoint (long pin)
  • North Sails Mast Base Set iBase 2.0 +  iJoint (long pin)
  • North Sails Mast Base Set iBase 2.0 +  iJoint (long pin)
  • North Sails Mast Base Set iBase 2.0 +  iJoint (long pin)
North Sails Mast Base Set iBase 2.0 +  iJoint (long pin)
North Sails Mast Base Set iBase 2.0 + iJoint (long pin)
Material: Polyester+Metal
Product Number:  14400-7316
North Sails
Price: 82,90 €
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One for all - just one base for all conditions.

We are 100% convinced that absolutely everyone in all conditions and for all disciplines needs only one base. The flexibility and ease of de/attaching makes the need for different bases and systems simply obsolete. All these unique features do not lead to any additional weight, something other bases in the market cannot claim to achieve!


Some call it fanaticism; we call it attention to detail. Even in supposedly unimportant components there is a lot of potential, you just have to realize it. This requires the courage to think differently and to patiently rethink or question even proven designs. That`s exactly what our engineers have done together with the team when it came to developing a completely new, universal mast base system. The top priority in addition to the functionality was the requirement to create ONE single, uncompromising system for ALL conditions. The result is the iBASE, the lowest mast base system with central screw!



  • Even safer
  • Simple & save release option
  • Low profile + extreme durability
  • Free choice of connection joints



>> Set includes: 
1x North Sails iBase 2.0
1x North Sails iJoint (including North Pin in long version)



> 01  Even safer

Version 2.0 comes with a new, ergonomically shaped main-body that facilitates tightening and opening of the base significantly. For all hardcore freaks the release button can now be optionally be fixed with a screw (PERMA.LOCK.OPTION). Should the iBASE ever become stuck to the board after long storage times, now two holes allow using a screwdriver as a lever to release the base.

> 02  Release option

We have always been annoyed having to unscrew the base from the board after the surf session with tired hands, just so the board fits into the board bag. And: Why do you have to unscrew the joint from the base when changing the joint? Both annoyances are a thing of the past with the iBASE. It features a convenient sand-resistant release option, which allows you to remove the connection joint by simply pulling the stainless steel U-wire. Or for the first time ever have the free choice of different kind of joints.

> 03  Low profile + extreme durability

To guarantee that the iBASE can be attached and detached without any tools, it was deliberately designed with a central screw. Although these solutions usually require a relatively high profile, our engineers have found a solution that makes it the lowest base of its kind. Since there is nothing in the way, the risk of injury to feet and toes is as small as possible. In contrast to conventional mast bases, which are made of Zytel plastic, the new iBASE is the only one produced using the much stiffer material called POM, which improves the durability.

> 04  Free choice of connection joints

From now on you can choose from three new, super high-quality connection joints that are slightly softer or stiffer just as you prefer:

Power JOINT (including North Pin)
This rather classic version uses the legendary, slightly softer PowerJoint original. For safety it comes with an outside safety rope. Since the North-pin has been established as the standard on the market for decades, the joint can directly be used with approx. 90% of all mast extensions on the market. 

iTENDON (including North Pin)
With this innovative heavy-duty tendon, we raise the bar all the way up in terms of reli- ability, performance and safety. Instead of the usual polyurethane material for the first time a BASF High-tech material is used for the connecting string, which is about 50% tougher and more durable. Maximum security is granted through the new DYNEEMA.SAFETY.SYSTEM - a highest quality Dyneema kite safety line that is integrated into the BASF-tendon guarantees absolute safety. Extremely lightweight, extremely tear-resistant and absolutely stretch-free.

Identical to iTENDON, the SHOX-version comes equipped with the revolutionary Shox-attachment instead of the North pin. Thus, the iTENDON.SHOX is compatible with all extensions of the SHOX SERIES and makes the iBASE the ideal fitting base.

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