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  • North Sails Silver 55% Carbon RDM Mast
  • North Sails Silver 55% Carbon RDM Mast
  • North Sails Silver 55% Carbon RDM Mast
  • North Sails Silver 55% Carbon RDM Mast
North Sails Silver 55% Carbon RDM Mast
North Sails Silver 55% Carbon RDM Mast
Material: 55% Carbon - Diameter: RDM - Length: at option - Stiffness: at option
Product Number:  14600-1603
North Sails
Length/Stiffness Selection: 
[incl. 19% VAT plus shipping costs]

High-quality rdm mast all-rounder with a carbon content of 55% and impressive overall performance.

The SILVER mast series is also produced in AEROSPACE.PREPREG.TECHNOLOGY resulting in a reduced weight and even better flex. Produced in T600 Carbon.

Great low-cost SDM Mast and entry in the top performance of North Sails masts. The RDM version is a technologically advanced needle mast with all the dynamic advantages of thin geometry (RDM adapter not included). Therefore the GOLD version can be referred as the lower-priced version of the high performance PLATINUM. The white POLY.SHIELD coating on the base prevents any scratching or abrasion as well as thermal overload. The new fiber winding with a slightly bigger gap optimizes the grip you get when clamping on the boom. 


  • Carbon: 55%
  • Constant Curve
  • Carbon-quality: T600
  • Outside protection: NATURAL.WHITE.POLYAMID (base only)
  • RDM - Reduced Diameter
  • Not included: padded mastbag
  • Not included: RDM mast adapter
  • Fitting for all sails&brands with constant curve bending
  • Warranty: 2 year conditional >> for unconditional register*

To secure the extended warranty claims please register within 30 days under
Otherwise just the legal warranty period can be granted!




  The fitting North Sails mastbag is available with us!   >>here<<

  The fitting RDM boom mast adapter is available with us!   >>here<<




THE essential quality criterion of carbon fibers when used for Windsurf masts is the bending-elongation of the fiber. The elongation measures the traction during bending until the fiber finally breaks. Carbon fibers are available with bending-elongation values between T300 and up to max T1000 with the T1000 carbon being 10-times as expensive as cheap T300 carbon. The lowest quality carbon fibers used on Windsurf masts have an elongation value of T300-400. This carbon has a bending-elongation that is just slightly higher than glass fiber. Therefore it’s used on cheap “low-percentage carbon masts” only.

For a Windsurf mast this means:  The higher the bending-elongation value of the carbon fiber raw material:

> The faster the reflex speed (which ultimately increases the performance of your sail, similar to increased horse power in a car)

> The higher the breakage strength

80% of all brands nowadays use T400-500 for their top-level carbon masts. North Sails uses T600 carbon for all Red and SILVER masts, T700 for all GOLD and PLATINUM masts and T800 for the PLATINUM Aero masts. Another advantage of the high quality carbon fibers is that you can reduce the resin content. For example the T800 fiber used for the PLATINUM Aero mast allows us to reduce the resin content by 30%. This results in an unmatched low weight without the usual loss of durability.

Silver Series: T600
Gold Series: T700
Platinum Series: T700
Platinum Aero: T800 with 30% reduced resin content











Introduced in 2001 the ALUTEX winding (on the base) gives even 100% carbon masts an unmatched durability.

That's why the PLATINUM is and remains the most durable mast in its class. We
are so convinced about the superior durability-values of the PLATINUM masts that as the first brand ever we offer a 2.YEAR.UNCONDITONAL.WARRANTY on a 100% carbon mast.



Now often imitated but still unrivaled:

A groundbreaking development in the NorthSails mast construction is the POLY.SHIELD coating. This is a highly abrasion-resistant material that is also used for ski and snowboard bases and is unique in its capabilities. Carbon fiber is very stiff, but not particularly resistant to abrasion. Especially in the area of the boom and camber, but also at the mast leading edge, the carbon fibers are now effectively protected by the POLY.SHIELD against abrasion. As the only brand we use un-dyed polyamide, in its natural white color, which improves the abrasion resistance compared to dyed polyamides by 20%. The POLY.SHIELD covers the entire surface of all PLATINUM and GOLD masts, as well as the base of the SILVER SERIES! This means no more wear, scratches or damage to the carbon fibers.


North Sails Catalog 2015

Our special service, the new catalog as PDF.
Much more North Sails Windsurfing!

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