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  • ION Hybrid Amp Overknee LS 4/3 mm HYB
  • ION Hybrid Amp Overknee LS 4/3 mm HYB
  • ION Hybrid Amp Overknee LS 4/3 mm HYB
  • ION Hybrid Amp Overknee LS 4/3 mm HYB
ION Hybrid Amp Overknee LS 4/3 mm HYB
ION Hybrid Amp Overknee LS 4/3 mm HYB
Material: D_Fence Nylon & S_Type Neoprene - Color: black/grey melange - Size: at option
Product Number:  48503-4540
Size Selection: 
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Premium longsleeve multi-sports overknee wetsuit with 3/4 legs for knee protection of the progressive line with backzip and made of a neoprene mix with skin mesh (SK) and double-lined neoprene (DL).


Get what they really need: full flex performance at arms and knees /shins and skin Neoprene windchill protection at the torso for good warmth during stormy sessions – embrace the elements!

Target Group:
For all water sportswomen looking for unmatched freedom of movement for all-out riding and some great tricks.




  • S - 36
  • M - 38
  • L - 40
  • XL - 42


ATTENTION NOTE:  please choose the fitting size. For that purpose take attention to the size charts  -size charts girls-  and measure!



  • Color: black/grey melange
  • Material: D_Fence Nylon & S_Type Neoprene
  • Outside material: Skin Mesh (SK) & Double-Lined Neoprene (DL)
  • Neoprene thickness: 4/3 mm
  • SANITIZED® TECHNOLOGY: Sanitized® is a certified antibacterial fabric
  • Flex_Control Maximum Flex combined with Ninja_Knees construction
  • Warm & Cosy thanks to Hot_Stuff lining
  • S_Seal seam protection
  • Wind-Chill protection at torso
  • S_SEAL 



   >> only 5,95 € (DE) shipment fees incl. shipment insurance*




  • S - 36 - black/grey melange
  • M - 38 - black/grey melange
  • L - 40 - black/grey melange
  • XL - 42 - black/grey melange


The ION girls sizes drop a size small. Please choose more and wider than too tight.
Therefore choose one size more/bigger, so that it is convenient and comfortable. In doubt please measure!

- For the correct fit a convenient and comfortable feeling is always in the foreground
- When in doubt, always choose a size larger, important are the start datas of the ION size chart table
- If you are in the rear third of the data with your body data according to size table, always choose the next larger size 
- ION is strongly body contoured and therewith cut close in comparison
- ION girls sizes are smaller in comparison and they are one size smaller than normal fx. size 36 accords to ION size 36

An example for the correct size selection
Your datas are: Height 167cm, Weight 55kg, Chest 85cm
According to the ION size table you would fit in size 36 and size 38. At size 36 you are already in the rear area, so already at the size border. Since the ION girls sizes turn out a number smaller, your size is definitely 38 and not 36. The ION size 36 would definitely be too tight and you will not fit into. Your size is 38/M. The ION size 36/S is a normal girl/women size of 34!

Do you still have any doubt about the size choice you or are you unsure, just contact us >Contact<.  We'll be happy to help!

 M part shipping rate
prices at shipment DE

incl. VAT in Euro


The ION wetsuit range covers a huge variety of operations. the new ioN Neoprene compass is designed to give you some advice in finding the wetsuit that‘s right for you:

Kitesurfen - important for kitesurfing: 
- flexibility in upper body/arms - robustness/abrasion resistance
- impact protection - comfort and warmth - progressive style

Windsurfen - important for windsurfing: 
- warmth in windy conditions - wind-chill protection
- wearing comfort/stretch in arms - technical features - shin protection

Wakeboarden - important for wakeboarding: 
- flexibility in upper body/arms - robustness/abrasion resistance 
- impact protection ribs - progressive color/style

Surfen - important for surfing:
- max. flexibility in arms/shoulder/upper body
- specialized snug fitting armpits and arm reach 
- important for paddling: water sealing/wearing comfort on neck
- abrasion resistance from double lined Neoprene

SUP - important for stand up paddle surfing:
- general robustness against ripping/abrasion by double lined protection fabrics 
and other construction features



Hybrid (HYB)
Features a unique combination of finest skin and double lined neoprene to get the best of both worlds:
Windchill Protection & Superb Stretch



Skin (Mesh) Neoprene + Double Lined (DL) Neoprene
Since both skin and double lined suits have advantages and disadvantages, ION created an other new wetsuit catagory which is called ’Hybrid’. It basically combines pannels of both constructions to achieve a unique combination of skin Neoprene for the body panels and double lined for the arms and legs panels. This results in a fantastic performance in terms of warmth, comfort and stretch exactly where you need it instead of having to decide for one or the other. With skin Neoprene panels in the body areas with the most heat loss (waist, bunch, legs and especially back - because wind mostly comes from behind) the Hybrid concept is the perfect solution for all wind-water sports men. The double lined panels at arms, sides and calves provide best freedom of movement and the additional double lined panels at the shins guarantee a high protection agains abrasion.









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