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  • ION Thermo Top Women LS
  • ION Thermo Top Women LS
  • ION Thermo Top Women LS
  • ION Thermo Top Women LS
ION Thermo Top Women LS
ION Thermo Top Women LS
Material: Bi_Poly Jersey - Color: black - Size: at option
Numero articolo: 48502-4220
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[incl. 19% IVA più Costi di spedizione]

High quality longsleeve Rashguard made of super elastic Bi_Poly Jersey material.

Thermo Tops are a great alternative right inbetween Neo tops and rashguards. Completely made of Bi_Poly Jersey (100% antibacterial Polypropylene), quick drying, super soft and warm inside and robust outside surface. It can be used as a thicker rashguard in mild conditions to protect you from wind-chill, rash and uV radiation. In cold water it can also be worn as a first layer underneath your wetsuit.



  • S - 36
  • M - 38
  • L - 40
  • XL - 42


ATTENTION NOTE:  please choose the fitting size. For that purpose take attention to the size charts  -size charts girls-  and measure!



  • Color: black
  • Bi_Poly Jersey: 100% antibacterial Polypropylene, quick drying, super soft, warm, robust
  • FL_Seams: flexible, non irritating seams
  • Slip_Loop: a fine webbing loop for fixing the board shorts
  • Sunglass_Loop: don’t lose your sunglasses
  • UV_Protection: UPF rating 35 to 50+ (depending on jersey color)



  • S - 36 - black
  • M - 38 - black
  • L - 40 - black
  • XL - 42 - black


The ION girls sizes drop a size small. Please choose more and wider than too tight.
Therefore choose one size more/bigger, so that it is convenient and comfortable. In doubt please measure!

- For the correct fit a convenient and comfortable feeling is always in the foreground
- When in doubt, always choose a size larger, important are the start datas of the ION size chart table
- If you are in the rear third of the data with your body data according to size table, always choose the next larger size 
- ION is strongly body contoured and therewith cut close in comparison
- ION girls sizes are smaller in comparison and they are one size smaller than normal fx. size 36 accords to ION size 36

An example for the correct size selection
Your datas are: Height 167cm, Weight 55kg, Chest 85cm
According to the ION size table you would fit in size 36 and size 38. At size 36 you are already in the rear area, so already at the size border. Since the ION girls sizes turn out a number smaller, your size is definitely 38 and not 36. The ION size 36 would definitely be too tight and you will not fit into. Your size is 38/M. The ION size 36/S is a normal girl/women size of 34!

Do you still have any doubt about the size choice you or are you unsure, just contact us >Contact<.  We'll be happy to help!

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