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  • Yachtcare Epoxy Fix Repair Set XXL
  • Yachtcare Epoxy Fix Repair Set XXL
  • Yachtcare Epoxy Fix Repair Set XXL
Yachtcare Epoxy Fix Repair Set XXL
Yachtcare Epoxy Fix Repair Set XXL
Material: Epoxy - Volume: 250gr - Price: per set
Product Number:  YCERKXXL
Yacht Care Repair
Price: 30,00 €
[incl. 19% VAT plus shipping costs]

The epoxy repair of the latest generation. Extremely simple and fast in usage for a perfect repair.

The Yachtcare Epoxy Fix Repair Set XXL by Vosschemie is a complete set for a big repair. 

It includes all the required components: 

  1. epoxy resin including hardener that can be used for adhesions without glass insert
  2. glass fiber for high strength laminates, or reinforcements 
  3. light filler (micro balloons) for mixing a white putty or sealing compound 
  4. sandpaper to smooth

The processing time at 20 ° C. for about 30 minutes at a mixing ratio of A: B = 5:1 by weight.




  • Material: Epoxy
  • Color: transparent (not yellowing)
  • Full set
  • Made in the Germany by Vosschemie    
  • 2 components
  • Easy and fast application
  • Perfect everlasting repair
  • Including glass fiber, micro-ballons, sandpaper
  • For Epoxy, ASA and ABS (not PE!)



   Mix in relation 5:1.
   Apply and spread Epoxy on the dry and clean repair spot.
   Now it starts to cure. Expose heat to accelerate the curing.
   After a short time the epoxy has a perfect and strong connection. 
   If necessary, grind the spot and/or paint. DONE! 
   The repair spot is now repaired permanently waterproof and perfect.


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